Bits & Pieces from Break.

Bits & Pieces from Break

I had the nicest time away on the West Coast. We spent the majority of it holed up in Malibu at my boyfriend’s parents’ house with his family and the rest of the time at his house in LA. I mostly lived in cozy sweaters, easy tees, and leggings. I got dressed up maybe twice, for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. It was a nice, slow week with extremely warm weather (meanwhile my plants were all freezing to death back in Charleston) for a lot of the trip. We relaxed a lot. A Christmas Eve hike. Walks on the beach. Monopoly (and wine) at night. Multiple trips to one of our favorite restaurants (Taverna Tony).

We met up with two of my girlfriends (Jacey, Mally) for double dates. He went surfing. I read or went running. We were outside a lot and saw some pretty epic sunsets. I’m back in Charleston now and am excited for a jam packed week… work is strangely busy for January (usually this is my slow month!) and one of my best friends visits on Friday! But also: I really, really missed my cat. PS – this diary style blog post feels very 2013, no? I kinda like it.

Bits & Pieces from Break

Christmas Eve hike

A Christmas Eve hike. Wearing my favorite Addison Bay pullover and Tory Sport leggings.

Ted Baker dress

We went to church on Christmas Eve. I wore this Ted Baker dress which came in my last Stitchfix box. It’s available for purchase here and here!

Tell Me How To Be book | Bits & Pieces from Break

A really, really good book.

Glasses of wine
Sunsets in LA
Monopoly game | Bits & Pieces from Break

I am obviously the cat when we play Monopoly.

A new favorite white tee

A new favorite white tee. I paired it with this necklace from Courtney’s collab!

Sunset view | Bits & Pieces from Break
Wyeth store

Visiting my friend Jacey’s store: Wyeth!

Dorsey earrings on Grace

Cannot get enough of these Dorsey earrings.

Crudo e Nudo drinks

NYE at our fav spot in Santa Monica — Crudo e Nudo! The uni nori was particularly special.

Crudo e Nudo uni nori | Bits & Pieces from Break

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  1. Clare:

    I love this style of blogging and have really gravitated towards creators who share unscripted little glimpses into their day to day. Thank you for sharing real life and not just doing post after post pushing products/shopping/buying. Your trip looked lovely. I went to LA earlier in December to visit my best friend and it was the first time I had gone during the holiday season (I usually visit post holiday or Spring) and it was really fun to see the city dressed up in holiday decor. Being from the midwest, Christmas lights just hit different on a palm tree LOL! Happy New Year Grace, can’t wait to keep reading along this year <3

    1.4.23 Reply
    • mary:

      Agree to all this. After all the holiday rush and consumerism, I want to slow down, appreciate nature, sunsets, books, outdoor exercise, good food and yes, twinkle lights on palm trees. I also spent Christmas at the beach and it was magical–especially since my hometown was in the single digits, temperature wise. Great way to end one year and start another!

      1.4.23 Reply
    • So glad you enjoyed!

      1.4.23 Reply
  2. Laura:

    I love this 2013 photo diary so much. Just the sort of mindless, yet engaging scrolling I wanted this morning. I feel transported.

    1.4.23 Reply
  3. Shana:

    Love the post and that you got a break to enjoy the slower pace, like appreciating sunsets πŸ™‚ We had a great break full of bike rides, board games, cleaning and organizing [my fav] and gelato. Back to school and work today which honestly is also nice to be back in a routine!!

    1.4.23 Reply
  4. Laura:

    Your makeup in the Ted Baker dress is perfection! Did you use your usual products? I’m on the hunt for a winter foundation- something hydrating and not heavy!

    1.4.23 Reply
    • Just my usual products! Have some tutorials in reels πŸ™‚ It was also great light which makes a big difference.

      1.4.23 Reply
      • Hillary Greenwald:

        I was going to ask about any new products too! Your skin always looks wonderful but in these your skin is luminous!! I’m 41 and just trying to learn skincare and you’re a fantastic resource/role mode

        1.4.23 Reply
        • It’s honestly just good lighting. I do take really good care of my skin though. has it all and I’ll be publishing an updated routine in a few weeks. πŸ™‚

          1.4.23 Reply
  5. Gina:

    I love this style of blog, keep it coming! It feels so real and personal, and hopefully is fun for you to create. I still love the blog and visit everyday, but the outfit diaries and amazon lists and most popular etc. all seem a bit too shopping forward (which I know is how you make money, so I get it!), so these kind of more real posts are so refreshing! Happy New Year!

    1.4.23 Reply
    • Happy you enjoyed! This is aways going to be a blog about shopping but I try to mix things up from time to time.

      1.4.23 Reply
  6. April:

    I love this diary style approach to sharing a summary of your time on the West Coast! I love the visuals included along with a description of the fun you had. Happy New Year and cheers to all good things to come for 2023!

    1.4.23 Reply
  7. Amanda Mccrary:

    You always look so beautiful and elegant. I love the gold hoop earrings you are wearing with the Ted Baker dress. Can you tell me the designer brand of these earrings? Thanks!

    1.5.23 Reply
  8. Anne:

    I love this style of post! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday in California. Happy New Year!

    1.7.23 Reply
  9. Katherine:

    Echoing what everyone else said about loving this post! Thanks for sharing snippets of your life with us Grace πŸ™‚

    1.8.23 Reply