Everything I Wore in Highlands, NC.

Everything I Wore in Highlands NC
coat, leggings, boots!

One of my favorite things about moving to the South is the weather. As a general rule, I hate being cold!!!! But a funny thing has happened: I kind of (kind of being the key word) miss colder weather, especially bundling up in big warm cozy clothes. My teddy coat, my snow boots, ETC! (Both of these things are on sale, btw). A cold weather getaway was the perfect reason to bundle up in all my coziest, comfiest pieces.

Everything I Wore in Highlands, NC

Everything I Wore in Highlands NCEverything I Wore in Highlands NC

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Everything I Wore in Highlands NC
sweater, necklace, pants

I totally realize that the Missoni pants might have seemed like an odd choice but they were one of the best things I packed. They’re knit like a sweater and incredibly warm. Paired with the knee high boots they made for the perfect cold night outfit.

Everything I Wore in Highlands NC
sweater, leggings, boots

cold weather getaway packing list

This Gucci barrette is ridiculous but amazing. Favorite way to update a boring outfit.

cold weather vacation packing list
dress + boots

What to wear in Highlands NC in winter Birdies slippers

Love my Birdies slippers!

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  1. Laura lazarus:

    Highlands look amazing. Love that Gucci barrette. So cute. Maybe you could show us some cute dupes for that as I can’t quite justify the price. Thanks much. Laura

    2.2.22 Reply
  2. Ceejay:

    Loving that barrette – you wear it well!

    2.2.22 Reply
  3. Christie Verda:

    Oooo I have been waiting for this post!! Thank you for linking everything:)

    2.2.22 Reply
  4. mary:

    I love the brown paisley dress with boots–such a mountain chic dinner outfit. It would also be perfect in fall when the leaves up there are changing. Glad you had such a great time at one of my favorite places. We love Cashiers and Highlands–winter, spring, summer and fall!

    2.2.22 Reply
  5. Anupama Sekar:

    omg these looks are so cute

    2.2.22 Reply
  6. Laura:

    Love this, and it made me nostalgic for your past outfit round-up posts, I love seeing how you put pieces together!

    2.2.22 Reply
    • Oh wow! That is so funny, and you aren’t the only one who said that. Maybe I will bring those back!

      2.2.22 Reply
  7. Rachel:

    Love your outfits here! Your “what I wore last week” posts are always some of my favs – would love if you brought those back more regularly!

    2.2.22 Reply
    • Oh wow, you are actually the second person to say this – I stopped doing them during the pandemic but maybe I will bring that back now that I am actually doing things and wearing real clothes again!

      2.2.22 Reply
      • *during lockdown 😉 …we are still in a pandemic!

        2.2.22 Reply
      • Shelley:

        I love this post and that you included the pajamas! Forever in pajamas as quickly as is acceptable.
        Ps. the Gucci barrette is so perfect for you—you wear it so well! I LOVED seeing a little roundup of what you put together to wear!

        2.4.22 Reply
  8. Terry:

    great post – what is the link for the sweater pictured with the Missoni pants –
    love it and the whole outfit!

    2.2.22 Reply
  9. LB:

    Hi! Love the laptop case but not seeing the large/center embossing option on the website. Am I missing it? Thank you!

    2.3.22 Reply
  10. jackie:

    in the teddy coat picture – were you going for gwyneth paltrow in royal tenenbaums ?

    2.3.22 Reply
  11. Shelley:

    Oh, and I should note that I’m such a picky jewelry wearer—I find myself only falling for the pieces that are exorbitantly priced and wishlist items, but this necklace you posted is PERFECT! I saved it immediately when you shared in a story last week! Thanks for including it here—such a great item to elevate any outfit!

    2.4.22 Reply
    • Oh YAY – Brinker & Eliza is a great brand for that. Not outrageous but not inexpensive. That necklace is a forever fav and it is in great shape after several years!

      2.4.22 Reply
  12. H:

    You had a very Amber Valletta look in that profile shot with the barrette!

    2.4.22 Reply
  13. Brianna Rooney:

    hi grace! I ordered the leatherology laptop case for my husband to celebrate a new job! its SO nice!

    2.7.22 Reply