2 Nights at High Hampton.

2 Nights at High Hampton

2 Nights at High Hampton

This past weekend was one of the most relaxing and restorative ones in a long time. Four of my girlfriends (Molly, Chassity, Katie, and Jackie) and I went up to High Hampton (in Cashiers, NC – pronounced Cash-errrs, not Cash-ears, for the record!) and it was just the best ever. I realize this probably sounds silly and ignorant but as the token “Northerner” of the group, I didn’t know that places like this existed in the South. I went into it blind, completely unsure of what to expect. Luckily, I packed well enough but in my head, the South always equaled warm and all the cold and snowy getaways were further North. Not true!

High Hampton is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It’s one of America’s most beloved historic hotels with a 100 year history. Think of one of those Dirty Dancing style camps… laid back and easy, the sort of place a family would visit every single summer. The family that owns Blackberry Farm (high on my travel bucket list) bought it a couple years ago. They went about restoring the property in a really meticulous way that would maintain the character and unique appeal of the original buildings (vs. creating another Blackberry property). The result is something cozy and laid back (but also, very luxurious).

They invited my friend Molly (you might know her brand, Red Clay Hot Sauce) to come up for the weekend and lead a spicy cocktail making workshop (they are doing this really cool tastemaker series, the next one is with Gen Sohr). Molly invited us up as her guests and I absolutely fell in love with the property. I can’t wait to go back (especially in warmer weather when it gets unbearably hot in Charleston – it would be the perfect place to escape the heat). I already shared everything I packed and wore, as well as High Hampton’s Bloody Mary recipe… today I wanted to share more about the trip itself!

High Hampton drive from Charleston

The drive was a little over 5 hours from Charleston.

The last hour of the drive is a bit windy, so be forewarned.

When we arrived, the staff greeted us and immediately grabbed our bags. We checked into a cozy cabin (Halsted Cottage) which could not have been be more perfect for a girls trip.

Our cottage was beautiful. You can get more of a sense of it from the reel I posted, but it was incredible. There were four cozy bedrooms (each with its own bathroom, including soaking tubs)

caviar and potato chips

We started with drinks at the tavern. I highly recommend the caviar and potato chips. The chef sent those as a treat as he knew Molly, and they were just divine. For dinner we shared a bunch of things but my personal favorites were the wedge salad (I know that sounds strange but it’s the best wedge I have ever had!) and the pasta. But also: the steak tartare and the beef tenderloin!

The food was absolutely exquisite.

We opted to eat all of our meals on property (we almost ventured out for brunch nearby one day but the roads were bad and windy). They change the menu daily but if the wedge salad is on the menu, you have to get it! I realize this may be a strange recipe but it’s the best wedge salad I’ve ever had. The blue cheese isn’t quite as strong as with other wedge salads, making it light and refreshing and just perfect. On the first night we shared one… on the second night, we got our own!

Also, I was just so impressed with the service. I was telling my girlfriends to please remind me to go to the front desk to pick up a toothbrush (I always forget one) and the server overheard and brought one over to the table with dessert. So freaking thoughtful!

2 Nights at High Hampton

Basically, this place is a (very, very luxe) sleepaway camp. In our case it was sleepaway camp for adults but I think it would be great with kids too… I didn’t see any kids but the property felt super family-friendly.

2 Nights at High Hampton

I can’t believe how cold it was… we really had to bundle up!

Molly Red Clay Hot Sauce

Molly, in her element. I posted the famous Bloody Mary recipe yesterday and will be posting the rest of the cocktail recipes this week and next.

2 Nights at High Hampton 2 Nights at High Hampton

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  1. Brianna:

    Iā€™m the queen of forgetting my toothbrush! Sounds like the perfect getaway!

    2.3.22 Reply
  2. Martha Perez-Sanz:

    I grew up going to Camp Merrie-Woode (just down the road in Sapphire, NC) and my family and I had the tradition of spending a couple nights at High Hampton before my session started every year. This was probably 20/25 years ago, and I think it was a little less luxurious then, but still so so lovely! I was so tickled to see the name pop up in your posts and it took me down memory lane šŸ™‚

    2.3.22 Reply
  3. mary:

    It has been a treat watching Charleston newcomers fall in love with our Southern cool-weather escapes. I hope you will be able to return and check out all that this magical area has to offer. There are so many great restaurants, hikes, waterfalls, shopping and all in a range of price points. You can make it a luxury vacation, a budget camping trip or a mix of both. I truly don’t know what I would do without Highlands in the sweltering summer months.

    2.3.22 Reply
    • I am glad that it is a treat and not annoying… I can imagine that as a local, watching a bunch of New Yorkers come down and “discover” things feels a little bit annoying. All of that said, you are very lucky and it is so special… and I can’t wait to go back and explore more… we didn’t get to leave the property and I’m so curious about the rest of the area. I think 3 nights of camping and “roughing it” followed by 3 more luxurious nights would be the perfect trip.

      2.3.22 Reply
  4. The Dirty Dancing vibes are on point ā€” a ton of the film was filmed at Lake Lure, North Carolina, which is a couple of hours from Cashiers!

    2.3.22 Reply
  5. Ooooo THANK YOU for this- I have been looking for a highlands getaway and was debating between a few places. We are in Atlanta, which is a super short drive, but I have never managed to go, so I am definitely looking forward to checking out High Hampton! Blackberry Farm is absolutely on the dream list – someday! Also- your Missoni pants from the last post were and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bloody marys!

    2.3.22 Reply